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Tom’s Tire Pros Host Annual Halloween Event For 3rd Year In A Row In Abilene, Texas

ABILENE, TX – For the third year in a row, Tom’s Tire Pros put on an amazing family-friendly Halloween event at their location in Abilene, Texas. At the storefront, there were parked decorated cars showcased throughout the parking lot and kids running around in costumes of Disney characters, Spiderman, police officers, firefighters, monsters and more!

The popularity of this annual event has definitely grown over the years. This year, Tom’s Tire Pros went all out and added more activities for the families to enjoy. There was a clown who made balloon animals for the kids and face painters who painted the kids’ faces.

There was even live music played by a DJ, named Steve Lujan, who also works at Tom’s Tire Pros! The parking lot was full of smiles, candy and excitement. Many different cars came to the event this year, including vintage Mustangs, Camaros, GTOs, Corvettes, Challengers, Chargers and more. We are extremely grateful to everyone who showcased their amazing rides.

The event would not have been possible without them. It was the third time that we and our partner Tom’s Tire Pros hosted the event. Every year, we have a blast working together! Every year, We look forward to this event and working with Tom Ceniglis and his wife, Angie Ceniglis, who are the owners of Tom’s Tire Pros. We admire the Tom’s Tire Pros employees’ work ethic and execution skills; they make this event run so smoothly.

The car show is a wonderful way to give back to the community. It’s Tom’s Tire Pros’ way of saying thank you for supporting our business for so many years. Tom Ceniglis Jr. expressed his feelings about this year’s event.

“We are so grateful for all of the families that came out and made the Abilene Motors Magazine & Tom’s Tire Pros 3rd annual Truck or Treat-Cars & Candy Halloween event successful. The event was enjoyed by all, both adults and children. As the years go by, we hope to grow the event and have more and more entertainment each year.”

This year, we estimated that over 400 kids attended the event and over 350 lbs. of candy was distributed! Tom’s Tire Pros owner Tom Ceniglis Jr., is grateful that they came together to create a great environment for families to visit and for the children to have a safe and fun experience.

Special thank you to everyone in the local car community that came out and attended the 3rd Annual Cars and Candy Trunk or Treat this year. Everyone we spoke to said they had a blast. Tom’s Tire Pros showed their appreciation by giving everyone who showcased their vehicle an exclusive one year special discount. With the success of this year’s event, we are definitely looking forward to next year. So, don’t forget to mark your calendars. We hope to see you at the 4th Annual Cars & Candy Trunk or Treat!

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