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Local Car Clubs Host Car Show That Has Brought Joy To Kids Throughout The Big Country For Over 13 Years

ABILENE, TX – Community events bring everyone together! However, public welfare is especially important when the year ends. The 13th Annual Toys for Tots Car Show and Toy Drive is an excellent opportunity for Abilene residents to admire cars while supporting the less fortunate.

“This is our 13th Annual Toys for Tots Car Show and Toy Drive,” Steve Longmire said excitedly. He is a Supervisor of Judges and Senior Judging Instructor of the Big Country Car Clubs, the host of this yearly event. During the interview, he said: 

“Several car clubs in the Big Country all work together under the umbrella of our non-profi t organization known as the Big Country Car Clubs Council. All of us have worked together to create this incredible annual event.” 

For the 13th year in a row, they offered a wide variety of handmade goods and more at the car show. There were many opportunities to win prizes through raffles. This year, they gave a ton of excellent tools as prizes. However, the most fabulous prizes are opportunities to admire different vehicles. “Any car you imagine is at the 13th Annual Toys for Tots Car Show,” said Longmire.

The event involves a collaboration with the United States Marines, the mightiest forces on our planet. Toys for Tots was their initiative which has now grown into an annual celebration. Unsurprisingly, this year will mark the 75th birthday of the event. Longmire added, “We cannot thank the community enough for supporting the Toys for Tots Drive. One family donated 226 toys and another couple brought 180 toys.” 

The car community contributed significantly by donating toys that will be given to kids in Abilene, Texas, and the surrounding areas. The donated toys will help many children have a memorable Christmas this year. The time to give back and think of others is upon us. This event definitely motivates you to step back and contribute to the communal progress. 

Many families and children attended the 13th Annual Toys for Tots Car Show and Toy Drive. While couples admire the vehicles, their children can donate and feel proud about giving toys they do not need. 

We got a chance to speak with Marc Newman, the President of the Big Country Car Clubs. He is also a member of the Big Country C-10 Club. Moreover, Newman owns a 1979 GMC Jimmy and a 1954 GMC Panel truck, which were showcased at the event. Marc Newman told us about the history of the event: “The car show has grown so much since we first started. The amount of support we have received over the years is unimaginable.”

He insisted that you do not need to be a car lover to volunteer at the car show. They are always searching for younger guys with a passion for giving back to the community to lead the event. “We are getting older and would love to see this amazing event continue for many more years,” said Newman. The newer generation will keep the event engine running, leading the charge for the future Toys for Tots Car Show and Toy Drives. Unfortunately, unfair weather was forecasted days before the event. Which isn’t the best time for the owners to drive these amazing vehicles. However, the organizers, marines and attendees arrived in the beautiful weather to make the car show a huge success.

 One of the most memorable moments of the event every year is around the time the car show awards are presented. This is when the National Anthem is played, and the US Marines stand proud and suited to represent their country. Every participant pays respect to the red, white, and blue flag. It is such a beautiful site to see. This year, the event raised $2,040 in cash and more than 650 toys were donated. The Big Country Car Clubs and the Marines achieved their goal of making this holiday season grand and festive for many. 

Have a memorable holiday until next year. The 14th Annual Toys for Tots Car Show and Toy Drive is expected to be even bigger and better than this year’s event. So, mark your calendars for the same week in November and make Christmas a little brighter for the children in your community.

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