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Abilene Auto Spa And Big Country Mopar Team Up To Host Car Show Benefit A Great Cause

ABILENE, TX – Local businesses working closely with non-profit organizations promote welfare and trust in their communities, help the less fortunate and celebrate inclusivity. Therefore, the initiative is appreciated. If you are looking for an example of a successful collaboration, look no further. This year, Abilene Auto Spa and Big Country Mopar teamed up to host the first-ever Heroes 4 A Cause car show in Abilene, Texas. 

Abilene Auto Spa is a car care center in Abilene. They have been actively offering car detailing services in the Big Country area since 2006. The business was also featured on the cover of Abilene Motors Magazine’s last issue. If you are from the Big Country area, there is a good chance you have heard of Big Country Mopar, which has more than 300 car club members. Both, the car club, and business take pride in giving back to the community. So, this was the perfect collaboration to pull this event off and they did!

Leslie Sepeda is the owner of Abilene Auto Spa. She is deeply committed to helping veterans and the less fortunate. Every year, her company donates to local charities, and this year she teamed up with Big Country Mopar car club to give back to the community with Heroes 4 A Cause. Leslie and Big Country Mopar President, Casey White organized this year’s car show benefit, which was an enormous success. 

The Heroes 4 A Cause was a dedicated effort that was a collective idea. “For months, we were brainstorming about ways to introduce an event that represents the community perfectly,” commented Leslie. The goal of the collaboration is to provide financial stability to individuals who cannot support themselves financially.

Abilene Auto Spa and Big Country Mopar laid the foundation of the event. WNC Guns provided a fantastic location at their storefront on 4618 South 14th Street, where there was plenty of space for all the vehicles. “Thankfully, the event was hosted on a Sunday,” commented Casey. 

The event took place on a significant day in American history, September 11th. Making the day a perfect fit because Heroes 4 A Cause celebrated the U.S. Military, veterans and benefited non-profi t organizations that help wounded veterans and first responders. Heroes 4 A Cause distributes donations to Texas Hunters for Heroes, which is a dedicated organization that works with wounded veterans and first responders to teach them about fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. The non-profi t organization also focuses on therapy, counseling, and PTSD recovery.


The second organization that received donations from this event is Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. The medical institution raises funds for millions of children under different hospital treatments. The donations are sent to local hospitals, investing in research and funding life-saving medical trials. Furthermore, the donations will also provide pediatric medical equipment, emotional support and financial assistance to families who cannot afford the treatment. 

For their respective charities, Melinda from Hendricks Children’s Miracle Network and Chris from West Texas Hunters for Heroes each were presented with a $2,158.31 check, bringing the donation total to $4,316.63. Both Leslie and Casey were proud to be able to give back and said they could not have had such a successful event without the help from the event sponsors and the community.

Heroes 4 A Cause registered seventy-four vehicles for the car show where there was a broad variety of vehicles present. The attendees saw many types from classic cars to newer models, custom builds, hotrods and more. There were Challengers, Camaros, Chargers, Mustangs, Pick-Up Trucks and pretty much every type of vehicle you can think of. Members from the local police department, fire department, and military were also present and showcased some of the vehicles that help serve the community. 

The event concluded with the organizers picking the Top 30. There was also the Hero’s Choice and Shock & Awe Best in Show after the military branch browsed the car collection to pick their favorite. The weather welcomed more visitors than expected, it was a beautiful sunny day and a perfect day for a car show. 

Heroes 4 A Cause was a great event according to the organizers. They said that this would not have been possible without the generous donations from the event sponsors and help from all of the volunteers. Expectations for next year’s event are already high. Abilene Auto Spa and Big Country Mopar’s car show benefit was an amazing event and most importantly, they helped others by giving back to the community.

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