Dedication is undoubtedly a key component for success. Without a strong will to work hard, and giving it all you got towards a venture, you can forget about establishing a stable and beneficial settlement. Originally from Merkel, but practically spending his whole life in Abilene, Texas. David Segura, a young business owner, is the perfect example to justify these quotes! He has worked night and day to fulfil his dream, to start his own business. He did succeed, though the journey was by no means a piece of cake.

David shared with us that he has always been fascinated by vehicles and he wanted to get into custom work on vehicles somehow. Without having any contacts in the vehicle industry at his disposal, it seemed fitting to enroll himself in a reputable college that offers similar programs. He made it happen and ended up in the Sweetwater campus of Texas State Technical College. Throughout his stretch, he enjoyed the painting side of the repair more often than normal, this kicked off and now his business rotates mostly around this very section of the whole custom work process.

Speaking of his business, it all started during a conversation that he was having with his friend, where they started discussing how they could run their own shop. Fast travel a few years later, in 2016, Big Country Collision was born. He found a building that was a great match for what they had in mind. It was formerly occupied by the Payless Body Shop for a long span of 43 years, before David got his hands on it and renamed it to Big Country Collision. The name chosen was well suited, as their specialty is all sorts of major and minor collision work along with automotive glass repair and headlight restoration. It is their top priority to focus more on quality instead of quantity, which is the reason why outcomes are always top notch. Equipment and products ensure quality repairs for all of their customers. This has led them to gain loyalty from their customers. And as a return, not only did they receive loyalty, they experienced massive support when the clients brought anyone in their circle who needed such services, through referrals. This was a huge relief during the pandemic both financially and emotionally. This type of feedback proved to be an essential piece that got David and his business through the stressful worrying times of COVID-19.

We can all agree trucks are cool, especially if they have customizations done all over. David is all about truck life and currently owns three beasts from Ford. A 72’ F-100, a 95’ F-150 and the latest addition to his collection, a dashing 2017 F-250 Super Duty that he got in December 2017. He has a special place in his heart for the way Ford trucks are built and how they look, especially the Super Dutys. He has done some great looking mods to the F-250 including a custom hood from Cervini, a solid custom front bumper that’s built like a tank, an aftermarket lift kit and a cool wheel-tire combo with some chunky General Grabber X3’s and Gear Offroad 747MB Sled wheels. He even added a cool looking stripe on the side, which, believe it or not, adds to the overall look despite being a small touch.

Motivation matters so much in the pursuit of achieving our goals and sticking to them for the long run. He has had his family’s support with him for as long as he can remember. He told us how his family embraces the business by wearing all of his merchandise including shirts, caps and jackets. He is very grateful for these kind gestures from all of his family members for promoting the business.

Every entrepreneur can relate to the fact that a startup initially leaves you with empty pockets, but all those tough times spent with thorough focus and determination do pay off if you check all the right boxes at the right time. After going through all the phases of a self-backed business, David is now quite stable, and it makes even the hardest moments pass in the blink of an eye when he realizes that the business is able to support his family, and the families of all his employees. Because at the end of the day, these are the reasons that keep the hustle going!

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